How to Win More Games WHILE Developing Skilled + Positionless Players

From the Desk of Coach Mac

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ugly “tactics” that coaches use to win more games at the expense of their team’s long-term development.

Things like...

Running a
Zone Defense
Only Allowing Their Best Player to Shoot
Running a "Set Plays" Offense
Refusing to Develop Positionless Players
These tactics can be effective in the short term... but any coach who uses them is putting their ego before the development of their players, and also stealing the “fun” out of basketball.

Which is NOT good.

 So, here’s my goal today:

I’m going to show you how you can:

  • Win more games
  • Develop highly skilled players
  • Ensure your team has an incredibly successful basketball season
...without using these “terrible tactics”.
Here’s the scoop:
I’ve created a basketball coaching course with the title
Championship Coaching Course
In the course, you’ll get access to all 9 booklets and 3 extra resources.

Let's go through them now....

Here are some of the secrets you’ll find inside:
  • Over 50 step-by-step practice plans you can print off and use to ensure a productive and effective practice. All put together by yours truly (me).
  • A complete guide on the offense I recommend to all youth and HS coaches. Including the four simple progressions I use to teach the entire offense in only 4 weeks.
  • The exact 3-step rebounding method I use to teach teams how to pull down every defensive rebound (page-3 of the “Rebounding Drills” booklet).
  • ​136 pages of info breaking down how to teach your team the perfect man-to-man defense. You aren’t going to run a zone defense, right?
  • Including the 6 progressions you MUST use when running the “Shell Drill” to teach the M2M defense (skip any of these and your defense won’t work).
  • ​240+ basketball drills to keep your practices fresh and engaging. Players will never lose focus again if they’re constantly being challenged.

But before I get into a detailed breakdown of each booklet included in the course..

Here’s what a few other basketball coaches had to say about the Championship Coaching Course:

What’s Included in the Championship Coaching Course:

There Are 12 Resources!

Booklet #1


5-Out Motion in 4 Weeks Guide

Teaching your team a simple and effective offensive structure is one of the hardest roles of a basketball coach at any level.

But not anymore...

I'll give you a step-by-step guide you can use to implement the 5-Out Motion offense on your team in only 4 weeks.

Sound too good to be true?

Let me show you how the progressions work:

Week #1: Cutting Progression
Week #2: Screening Away Progression
Week #3: On-Ball Screen Progression
Week #4: Dribble-At Progression

After these four weeks of practice, your team will be able to effortlessly execute a continuous motion offense with many options.

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • 1-on-1 Attack (page 18)
  • Away Screener Shooting (page 42)
  • ​3-on-3 On-Ball (page 52)

Booklet #2


Man-to-Man Defense in 4 Weeks Guide

"Man-to-Man defense is too hard to teach to my players. They just don't get it! They're not smart enough to plan man defense yet!"

I hear the words above almost on a daily basis...

And it's not true.

Defense isn't hard to teach -- when you know how to teach it correctly.

That's the difference...

Most coaches have absolutely no idea how to teach man-to-man defense to their team.

Completely forgetting to show them how to rotate correctly, how to deny the basketball, which direction to force their player, etc.

In this guide, I'll show you exactly how to teach your team M2M defense in only 4 weeks.

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • 1-on-1 Recovery (page 40)
  • 4-on-4 Shell Drill (page 61)
  • ​Transition Advantage (page 110)

Booklet #3


101 Team Shooting Drills

Yep, that's not a typo…

101 Team Shooting Drills.

Here's why:

Youth players are not like professional athletes. We can't expect them to use the same few drills over and over again.

Players need variety to keep them engaged!

I spent years collecting, creating, and testing a wide variety of shooting drills with a select few coaches with great knowledge of the game.

This is the complete collection of the best shooting drills we tested.

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • Contested Shooting (page 64)
  • 3-Man Fast Break (page 132)
  • Russian Layups (page 182)

Booklet #4


30 Team Rebounding Drills

Every single day I receive emails from coaches requesting rebounding drills and complaining about the lack of height on their team...

'There's no way we can be a great rebounding team. We're too short!'

Truth is:

While height does play a factor in rebounding, there are other traits and skills that are far more important than any height advantage!

And I'm going to teach you what they are!

Any team CAN be a great rebounding team by utilizing the right drills and learning the best rebounding methods.

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • Bulldog Rebounding (page 13)
  • Numbers Rebounding (page 27)
  • Road Runner 2.0 (page 47)

Booklet #5


30 Team Defense Drills

Being a great defensive team is crucial for success.

There are many great coaches who have pointed out its importance...

"Good basketball always starts with good defense!" - Bob Knight

"Defense brings teams together. Offense makes teams feel good, but the defense is what brings teams together" – Doc Rivers

Throughout your practices, your team needs to consistently practice being a great team on the defensive end of the floor. 

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • 2-on-2 Spread (page 12)
  • Gladiator (page 29)
  • No Hands Defense (page 41)

Booklet #6


 30 Team Passing Drills

If you want your team to take good shots on offense, your players must be able to move the basketball around the court quickly and effectively.

A team that can pass the basketball at a high level forces the defense to rotate and puts them in difficult situations to defend.


The better your team can pass, the more opportunities your team will have to put points on the scoreboard.

And that's always a good thing!

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • 2-on-2 Spread (page 12)
  • Gladiator (page 29)
  • No Hands Defense (page 41)

Booklet #7


30 Team Dribbling Drills

Dribbling drills are essential for teams at all levels...

But they're especially important for youth basketball coaches!

Here are the two main reasons why...

> They keep all players involved at all times.

> It's the easiest skill for players to start learning.

Set the right foundation for your youth teams (or sharpen the skills of your older team) with these 30 Team Dribbling Drills.

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • 55 Second Drill (page 4)
  • Dribble Warfare (page 24)
  • Scarecrow Tiggy (page 50)

Booklet #8


22 Small-Sided Drills & Games

Incorporating small-sided games into your practice plans is an absolute must for coaches in youth sports today.

Here are 8 reasons why it’s so important to use small-sided games and situations during your practices:

1. More touches.
2. Easier decision-making.
3. More opportunities to score.
4. Increased space.
5. Involves all players.
6. Breaks down the game into chunks.
7. Eliminated defensive presses and zones.
8. Teaches players when to use a skill.

Here are a few of the drills you'll find inside:
  • 2-on-2 Frenzy (page 10)
  • Bad Blood (page 19)
  • Corner Recovery (page 27)

Booklet #9


36 Complete Team Practice Plans

When I first started coaching, it would take at least 30 - 45 minutes every single time I created a practice plan.

That's a lot of time...

To save you this hassle, I've created 36 complete practice plans you can immediately print off and use with your team.

Each practice plan is broken up into three columns...

1. Time - How much time you plan to spend running each drill.

2. Drill - Which drill you plan to run with a brief description.

3. Coaching Points - Points of emphasis to keep in mind.

These practice plans suit all ages, skill levels, and lengths of practice.

Here's what you'll find inside:
  • 60, 90, and 120-Minute Practice Plans
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Skill Levels
  • 4 Plans For Each Level

Extra Free Bonus Section!

Purchase Today and You'll Get These Bonus Resources!

Bonus #1


50 Basketball Plays

As the coach, it's your responsibility to put your players in positions that give them the best opportunity to score.

This is commonly done through an offense or by running set plays.

This booklet contains 50 of the best plays I've created and found.

"Why so many?"

Because every team has their strengths at different positions, and each player has specific ways they prefer to score the basketball.

I guarantee you'll find several plays contained within this booklet that will put your team's best player in their favorite position to score.

Here are a few of the plays you'll find inside:
  • Hawk (page 13)
  • Pick Overload (page 44)
  • Piston Elevator (page 68)

Bonus #2

Access To Our Private Facebook Group

Have a specific question you want to ask a group of basketball coaches?

Perhaps you have a practice plan you want to discuss or you're experiencing a problem with one of your players and want to see if any other coaches have experienced the same thing?

Look no further!

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where coaches from all over the world are sharing thoughts and ideas.

I'll be in there every day to make sure all questions are answered, to share my thoughts, and to give advice to anyone who needs it.

You’ll become a part of a private basketball coaching community.

A community there to help each other out and test new ideas!

Bonus #3

Unlimited Consulting with Coach Mac

For a full 90 days after your purchase, you'll have direct access to me.

Email me at any time with any and all questions you want answered.
  • Review your practice plan? Sure thing!
  • Assist you with deciding which drills to use? Cool.
  • ​Difficulty with parents and need advice? I'll help you.
  • ​Feeling lost in the whole coaching experience? I've got you.
I will personally assist you with anything you need!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 5-Out Motion Offense Guide
  • ​Man-to-Man Defense Guide
  • ​101 Team Shooting Drills
  • ​30 Team Rebounding Drills
  • ​30 Team Defense Drills
  • ​30 Team Dribbling Drills
  • ​​​30 Team Rebounding Drills
  • ​​​22 Small-Sided Games
  • ​​​36 Full Practice Plans
  • ​​​​Bonus - 50 Plays Booklet
  • ​Bonus - Facebook Group
  • ​Bonus - Unlimited Consulting
When you add it all up, that’s well over $1,000 in total value...

But I don’t expect you to pay that much to get access to these booklets.

When you sign up during the today, you’ll get access to all 12 resources for a special price of only $197.

Click below to get started:

Get Instant Access to the
"Championship Coaching Course"

Includes 12 Basketball Coaching Resources

100% Money Back Guarantee!​

I am 100% sure you will absolutely LOVE this course, and both you and your team will get a massive amount of value from it.

But if you have any worries, reservations, or nagging doubts at all - I want to make sure they don’t hold you back from taking advantage of this powerful course for your team...

If you have ANY problems, or you’re unhappy for ANY reason with this course - shoot me a quick email anytime within the next 30 days and you’ll receive a full and prompt refund.

That means there is absolutely 0 risk for you...​​

If you don't see improvements in your team from applying the content of the course, you get your money back.

Need Even More Proof This Works?

Here it is:

Get Instant Access to the
"Championship Coaching Course"

Includes 12 Basketball Coaching Resources

Frequently Asked Questions:

I've only just started coaching recently, is this course suitable for people new to basketball coaching?
Every single resource within the Championship Coaching Course (drills, practice plans, plays) is broken down and explained in terms that even a complete basketball novice could understand.

There is no complicated lingo.

And on the off-chance that something does trip you up, you can send an email straight to the support email and we'll make sure to clear things up for you as soon as possible.
Is the Championship Coaching Course designed for youth or high school coaches?
The drills included in the course can be used by BOTH youth and HS coaches.

Here’s why:

All of the drills include a “variations” section where I list different ways you can adjust the drill to make it easier or harder depending on the age and skill level of the team you're coaching.

This is convenient because it means the same drills that can be used by players beginning to learn the game can be adjusted to challenge players at the high school level and above.
What exactly is the Championship Coaching Course? And how does it work?
The Championship Coaching Course is a series of 11 PDF's that will be available for you to download immediately after purchasing.

You will also receive access to a private FaceBook group and my personal email address to reach out any time you need.

You will have lifetime access to each resource and have the ability to download each eBook and print them if you choose to.
How detailed are each of the drills and the practice plans?
Every drill has been thoroughly broken down and explained in terms that even someone who has never stepped foot on a basketball court could understand.

Each basketball drill is divided up into 6 sections:
> Overview
> How the Drill Works
> Setup
> Instructions
> Variations
> Coaching Points

And each practice plan is split up into three columns:
1: Time
2: Drill
3: Coaching Points
Seriously, is the Championship Coaching Course right for me?
If you've made it this far down the page and you're still not sure if it's right for you, let me explain the 2 types of coaches this course can help.

1) If you've never coached before but you're looking to start, this course will provide you with the exact drills and practice plans to use to ensure you're setting up your team for success.
2) If you're already coaching, this course will allow you to upgrade your practices with new and improved basketball drills to add variety to your practices and further improve your players.

Get Instant Access to the
"Championship Coaching Course"

Includes 12 Basketball Coaching Resources

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